The Philippines is one of the most famous destinations for Indian Students to study MBBS. More than 4000 students study MBBS in Philippines every year. The country has the same weather conditions as India; that’s why students feel more comfortable in the Philippines.

The medical education in Philippines follows the US-based curriculum and the MBBS in Philippines program is divided into two categories – the first is a BS course of 1.2 year to 1.5 years which is followed by four years of the MD program, which include an internship. The MBBS admission procedure in the Philippines is effortless. You have to take admission for a BS course first, then the candidate has to take the country exam, which is called NMAT, and then the candidate can go for a four-year MBBS program.


In the best Philippines Medical Colleges Ranking is high globally, and these are known to be among the best options for students who wish to become capable and skilled doctors. Find out what makes medical colleges in this country so widely famous for students from overseas countries.


Approved by prestigious organizations


The Top Medical Colleges in Philippines use the most advanced teaching methods, and boast of properly established infrastructure. The services are first-rate as well. Thus, all the medical colleges and universities in this country are approved by top international organizations, such as MCI and WHO. The 3rd prime English-speaking country, The Philippines has a high literacy rate in English in Asia. English is the mode of instruction in each learning phase, and it is also used for teaching medicine in the country.


U.S medical education system

The Philippines happens to be the best option for students who are foreigners, and who wish to make a career in the medical field with quality education at affordable fees. The American system of medical education is offered in this country, and the M.D. degree is the main medical qualification. The degree is recognized internationally by the UNESCO and WHO (World Health Organization), as well as the Medical Council of India. Students passing out of a Philippines Medical College can be assured that they will be well-recognized in medical organizations and facilities across the world. The pattern and system of medical education followed here is based on the U.S teaching model, which ensures a scientific and advanced way.


Complete training

The Philippines is becoming one of the biggest sources for superior medical education, which puts it on a par with the various degrees that are awarded by U.K and U.S.A universities and colleges. Students from Uv Gullas College of Medicine and other prestigious colleges can get the M.D (Doctor of Medicine) degree, which is on a par with M.B.B.S programs from any university in the U.K or U.S.A. Students can undergo a 5-year professional program, where they can learn the theoretical as well as the practical aspect of medicine, and prepare for doctors’ licensure exam in the nation. After finishing their course in the institutions here, students may even apply for licensure exams for doctors, begin practicing in The Philippines itself or work as interns. They may even consider going back to their own nations, and pursue higher education or practice as MBBS graduates.

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