Are you confused between regular car insurance and 24 hour car insurance? However, the very first thing in mind while shopping around for insurance is to know what you exactly need to keep yourself protected.

Whether you’re looking for one-day insurance or a regular car insurance policy, know that a little research is always worth your time. So here is exactly what you need to know. 

What is 24-hour car insurance?

24-hour car insurance also known as one-day car insurance is a policy where a person having short-term driving needs can use this insurance. Even though fewer people need this kind of insurance, it has strict requirements.

However, as these insurance are essential in a few situations, not all insurance companies offer this insurance. So a little research is worth it before signing any policy. You can also seek advice from different 24-hour car insurance quotes

What is regular car insurance?

Regular car insurance is those which policies last for six months. However, every car insurance company has its own sets of rates, coverage, discount offers, and other policies, so before signing any policy agreement make sure to do a little research. 

How is 24-hour Car Insurance different from regular Car insurance?

24-hour car insurance and regular car insurance have many similarities, yet have many differences. Both of these insurance policies allow coverage but the main difference is based on the longevity of this coverage. 

As said earlier, 24 h car insurance offers insurance for one day while regular car insurance offers policies for six months. When it comes to costs, a one-day car insurance policy is inexpensive while regular car insurance is cost-effective. 

However, if you need one-day car insurance for a bit longer, you can extend the plan by adding more days to it. 

Why do people need 24-hour car insurance?

Are you looking forward to getting 24 h car insuranceIf this is your first time, you surely must be wondering about its benefits.

So here are some reasons behind people using a one-day hour car insurance policy :

• One of the main reasons why people opt for one-day insurance is to provide Insurance for rental vehicles. 

• Another reason is that people who don’t own a car, mainly borrow another person’s vehicle for a day. In such cases, opting for short-term coverage car insurance is a good idea as it offers 24- hour protection to such people. 

In simple words, it is the best option for those non-owners of cars to get these plans as it allows you to pay-as-you-go. 

• Also many times people who lack knowledge about which car insurance coverage is the best choice to opt for one-day car insurance. 

The reason behind this is these 24-hour car insurance policies offer the best solution to get coverage as well as the time needed to gather information from 24-hour car insurance quotes.

Another reason why people opt for one-day insurance is that it helps to avoid hefty fines, accident expenses, etc. 

What is the eligibility requirement to get 24-hour car insurance?

If you’re below the age of 25 or 21 years old, know that you’re not eligible for a 24-hour car insurance policy. However, this is not the exact criteria as every company has its own policies, so it basically depends on your location and the different companies. 

However, if you’re someone who belongs to the old age group, then you can opt for one-day car insurance but on the basis of an excellent driving record. Drivers who have a bad history record or have a high risk while driving are not eligible for a one-day insurance. 

If you find it difficult to opt for one-day insurance, know that every company has its own rules and policies. So in such a case, you can definitely look for different companies. 

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