Transporting products and objects from one location to another is the primary function of utility vehicles. UTE trays are a must-have for any utility vehicle looking to maximise productivity. There is a wide variety of UTE trays to choose from. In addition to prefabricated aluminium trays, several companies provide bespoke tray layouts for their clients. You may quickly convert your vehicle into a transport unit by installing custom UTE trays. Your vehicle’s versatility will be significantly enhanced by adding a set of custom-made trays designed for UTEs.

Creates Extra Space

The easiest way to enhance the carrying capacity of a pickup truck is to install a UTE tray. The bed of your vehicle may be removed and replaced with a UTE tray, increasing the available storage capacity. For instance, a UTE tray installed in the rear of a pickup truck would allow for extra cargo to be transported without using up any of the bed space.

Cargo may be spread out across a larger area, allowing more items to be transported at once. If your pickup truck has a longer wheelbase than usual but a smaller bed than a UTE, this will come in handy.

More Convenient to Guard

A UTE tray is a safer option for transporting your goods. Because of the lip built into the side of the tray, this is possible. If you need to travel through uneven terrain, this lip will ensure that your load stays put. Having the goods in the bed increases the risk of them being damaged if you travel through rough terrain or hit a speed bump.

In addition, certain custom UTE trays include a built-in locking system for added peace of mind when driving.

More Durable than Tubs

With a UTE tray, your load will be secure at all times. If you need something sturdy to transport your goods, a UTE tray is far more spacious than a metal tub. Contrast this with metal tubs, which can become empty if the vehicle hits a bump, especially if it has a lengthy wheelbase.

Another difference between a UTE tray and a metal tub is the sturdier and broader lip of the truck tray. It’s unlikely that your goods will be able to damage the lip because it can withstand a lot of pressure before bending or breaking.

Fully Customisable

Infinite design options are available for a UTE tray. Improving your truck’s utility is as simple as installing a sink and a refrigerator. If you have a lengthy drive or are a tradesman who frequently works in unfamiliar locations, installing illumination and television may be a good idea.

Suppose you want to make your tray even more useful while travelling. You can install things like a refrigerator and lighting. Alternatively, go for a more fashionable appearance by installing a roof rack.

Easy Installation

Even more so than a metal tub, a UTE tray can be installed in minutes. If you buy a UTE tray, you won’t have to drill holes because they come pre-drilled. If you used a metal tub instead, you’d have to make holes in the truck’s cargo area manually.

Additionally, the holes may be arranged as desired, allowing you to customise the UTE tray to your vehicle’s specifications.

In Conclusion

When it comes time to replace or improve your old UTE tub, there are many alternatives to choose from. If you look around online, you can discover one that meets your requirements and is within your price range. Custom UTE trays are the best since they last long, are inexpensive, and won’t corrode. Steel units are more costly and susceptible to rust if not correctly sealed. You need to figure out the tray’s specs and the price. Therefore, before choosing the finest tubs for your car, you should check on the websites of trusted vendors.

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