The Mental health of a person is as important as the physical health of a person. People take so much care of their physical health, such as going to the gym, following a healthy and nutritious diet chart, consulting doctors when one falls unwell, acquiring suitable vaccinations and taking medications whenever required, etc. 

But mental health hardly ever comes to the forefront. How a person feels, thinks and behaves is important to how their body or organs function. 

A mental health center is an institution that brings forth the issues of the mind and helps those who are affected by any kind of mental disorder to seek a safe place for discussion, treatment and rehabilitation. In most cases, coming out and discussing matters of the mind is more important than any physical health attributes. 

What are Mental Health Disorders?

Many people shy away from discussing mental health, and there is a certain stigma associated with the word mental health and mental health center. People directly link it to being mentally unstable, as they show in the movies. But this is not true. 

Mental health disorders are a generic term and include a rather large spectrum of disorders that have nothing to do with mental stability. Most of these disorders may stem from trauma or behavioral aspects and may be corrected with some therapy and counseling. 

Some other kinds, such as Schizophrenia and Dementia etc., are more linked to physical attributes of the brain and nervous system and need more diversified treatment and management methods. Nevertheless, mental health is a topic that must be discussed more often and encouraged by those who want to seek help in this regard. 

When it comes to mental health, they are mostly linked to the brain and the nervous system. Certain parts of the brain can change and behave in a different manner than they should and, therefore, can cause mental disorders, to be loosely put. 

Mental disorders can be attributed to a wide variety of factors such as age, gender, past trauma, physical trauma,  changes in the various parts of the brain, neurological disorders, etc. Some mental disorders are categorized as Behavioural disorders and personality disorders as well. 

This is more to do with a person’s behavior, such as a trait or a habit and not the overall mental condition, for example, anger issues, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), depression, anxiety, etc. These conditions do not make the person unstable but just make their behavior different and therefore, they can be corrected with the right medical and therapeutic attention. 

Types of Mental Health Disorders

Below are some of the common mental health disorders found in men and women:

  1. Substance Abuse

Severe substance abuse can cause mental instability and can render the patient helpless. Consuming drugs of any kind can mess up the neurological system and parts of the brain that inhibit normal functioning. Seeking help through a mental health center and with rehabilitation can be corrected. 

  1. Schizophrenia

This is a serious and chronic mental disorder that requires management rather than treatment. Schizophrenia causes hallucinations and an inability to function normally. In addition, more than 70% of individuals with schizophrenia have nicotine dependence, and up to 50% of them also use alcohol or other illegal drugs. Therapy and rehab from renowned centers like drug rehab at Daybreak can help such individuals to manage their episodes and deal with traumatic mental disorders and hallucinations.

  1. OCD

This is a behavioral disorder where a person obsesses over certain habits such as excessive cleanliness, checking on locks, suspicion, etc. This can be corrected with therapy. 

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