Would you like to get your brand message to as many people as possible? You might be interested in how to apply for newsjacking.

Newsjacking is a marketing technique that consists of creating content by taking advantage of a piece of news that has recently appeared in the media, and which is very striking for public opinion, with the aim of helping to publicise a brand.

Surely, on more than one occasion, you have seen an advertisement on social networks from a brand alluding to a recent event. If there is any relevant news in the world, you can take advantage of it to attract the attention of the target audience in an original way.

One thing that can’t be left out is that the content must be made quickly and be based on the “here and now.” This is because it gives the brand a better chance of having a bigger impact and getting better results.

Some examples of brands that resorted to newsjacking in their strategies are the case of Oreo, when there was a blackout at the Superbowl in 2013, the same when Starbucks took advantage of the news of the birth of the Duke of Cambridge’s firstborn, placing two coffee cups and a small one with the names of the parents, decorated with crowns, and also that of Norwegian Airlines when the divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was made public, among many others.

How can I use newsjacking in my strategy?

Always be careful. Not all news may be appropriate for you to jump on the trend and try to “sell”. There are situations that are really sensitive, so your brand should not trivialise or minimise an event that has generated pain or harm in society.

Otherwise, you could get into trouble, and it could be counterproductive to your strategy as well as unethical. It is a technique that must be used well, because the effect can be destructive and even cause a reputational crisis.

So you have to be respectful and cautious when selecting the news and the message you want to convey. The tone of the communication should be appropriate. Also, analyze how any news relates to your brand and be able to link it to your technique.

What characteristics does it need to have to be successful?

Although immediacy is fundamental, it is not the only thing you should take care of when applying newsjacking. This technique goes beyond the traditional and, if you don’t know how to use it, it can become a double-edged sword, which translates into damage to your brand. If you want to apply this strategy, here are some recommendations to get good results:

Stay up to date and keep yourself informed about events to identify opportunities and generate content.

Always verify the information.

Select a suitable news item, one that is linked in some way to your brand.

Keep in mind that not everything that is trending will work for newsjacking.

You have to be fast; it’s about marketing in real time. So you have to be agile in responding to the news.

You have to be creative, i.e., you have to find a way to relate your brand to a news story, but in an authentic and engaging way.

Don’t use controversial topics.

Always be respectful and cautious when choosing the news and message you want to send.

By Manali

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