How Much Should I Invest for an EB5 Visa

Getting a U.S Green Card or permanent citizenship offers many perks. You enjoy the freedom to live and work anywhere as you receive returns on investment. It allows your children to enroll in schools and get employed. To enjoy such benefits, you need an EB5 investment amount of $1.05 million; alternatively, you can invest at least $800k in a targeted employment area (TEA).

What Is the Lowest EB5 Investment Amount Required?

To get an EB5 visa, you must have a minimum amount of $1,050,000 for standard investments. Such investments are often outside a TEA. It means you invest in a company of your choice (new or existing). Regardless of the enterprise you choose, it needs to meet the USCIS requirements.

Another option is to invest $800,000 in an enterprise within a targeted employment area (TEA) like:

  • Rural areas
  • Regions with infrastructural projects (U.S Regional center projects)
  • Government approved programs
  • Areas with high unemployment rates

Documentation for EB5 Investment Amount

To prove your sources of funds for EB5 capital investment, file the I-526 petition. This document provides a clear flow of funds from their origin to investment.

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The I-526 document proves that you acquired the specified EB5 investment money legally. It enables the USCIS to approve your application. This allows you to proceed with getting your permanent residency in the U.S.

Lawful Sources of Funds for An EB5 Investment

  • Salaries and wages from employers
  • Sales revenue of the real estate
  • Proceeds from the stock market
  • Loans
  • Gifts (Proof of wire transfers)
  • Inheritance

What Are the Components of EB5 Visa Cost?

Besides EB5 investment amount, the visa cost comprises:

Administrative Fees

EB5 visa administrative costs are fees charged by the U.S Regional Center. They help manage infrastructural or other development projects you choose. Depending on your investment project and the regional centre, these costs range from $50,000 to $70,000.

Petition Filing Fee

To file the EB5 visa petition, be ready to pay $3,675 for the I-526 form. This form allows you to get a conditional Green Card from the USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).

Attorney Fees

The legal fees for hiring an EB5 immigration attorney vary depending on the law firm you choose. They range from $15,000 to $25,000 and include costs for filing all the paperwork.

Attorney fees are used to file for visa renewal after expiry (two years), including the following:

  • I-485 Adjustment of Status
  • I-526 Immigrant Petition

Application Processing Fee

The cost for processing an I-829 application form is $3,750. It includes the fees to prove that you meet all the USCIS requirements. You’ll pay an application processing fee of $1,140. This fee is for an Adjustment of Status to receive an EB5 visa card.

Be sure to pay for other fees such as:

  • Medication examination fees
  • Form DS-260 processing fees
  • Translation fees for non-English languages
  • Support document preparation and processing fees
  • Costs for getting legal help when investing the specified amount 

Besides the fees above, the actual EB5 visa cost depends on factors like your type of investment. Consider investing in U.S regional center projects to reduce your visa cost. Expect your visa investment fee to be higher if you work with a reputable, experienced attorney. That’s due to the high fees law firms and individual lawyers charge for their legal services.

Professional Help for a Successful Application 

EB-5 Regional Centers certified by the USCIS offer a simple and effective way to get a U.S Green Card. They specialize in helping families and investors navigate the EB5 immigration landscape successfully. These professional consultants clarify any issues you have about the EB5 investment amount. They guide you to make your EB-5 visa applications and approvals easy and successful. Form I-864A, officially titled “Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member,” is a supplementary form to Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, which is required for certain family-sponsored immigrants applying for U.S. lawful permanent residence (a green card).

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