Are you a cricket lover? If you are, then you are in the right place! You know that you can earn money with online cricket games, given the best platform, and you have a game on your hand!

But with AIO GAMES Fantasy Cricket App, you feel at home! The application makes it easy for you as you can earn money through this platform. Let’s know more about Cricket Fantasy League.

This is an Indian leading multi-gaming platform and as you know cricket fantasy league become one of the biggest platforms and attractions for cricket lovers.

And AIO Games offer many types of games cricket fantasy league to their users, and we all know Fantasy League games is the quicker and shorter game, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time on your devices.

But before playing, let’s check some winning tips below.

5 tips for winning big in fantasy cricket games-

When you play any game, before playing it, you need to know some strategies and planning to win a price. So, check the below the best 5 tips, and with the help of those tips, your winning chances will also increase.

  1. Play selective matches
    Firstly you need to avoid playing every match which makes money, and this is the biggest mistake for every beginner. If you are just starting to play Fantasy cricket, you need to play the small tournaments/matches and most important play the matches in which you have basic and important information.

  2. Research before playing
    Research is the best practice for winning a match. If you research before playing a match, it can increase your chances of winning. Now the point is what we need to research, you should research about-
  3. Some information about players recent performances
  4. How the pitch behaves
  5. Know about squad
  6. Check the team performances in batting first vs chasing
  7. How the players perform, at some venues or against some teams

Winning a game is all about tactics and strategies. Whether how you play or not, you need to be confident before playing a certain match.

  • Create an all-rounder team

After giving it long research, you can create your team on AIO games, and the ideal tip for that part is you need to focus on making a team of all-rounders which directly gives you more points for bowling and batting. They are amazing ways for captaincy as well, also you can pick power play and death over bowlers in limited over matches.

  • Don’t invest all your money in a single match

The biggest mistake which players do that they invest all their money in a single match because they think that they are professionals, and by that virtue the could land up winning huge cash prize. However, it does not mean that you invest all your money and you become pro, you need to avoid investing all your money in a single match.

Plus, you can invest an equal amount of your money, for example- if you have RS 10,000, so divide it into 10 parts, play every match with RS 1000, so you can save your money and it can also increase winning chances, because you already know that you did not invest huge amount, so you feel confident.

  • Take the risk, and feel confident-

Many players play the game without confidence, and they don’t want to take a risk in which they play wrongly, and they lost their amount, for this you need to play with all your confidence and take the risk when you don’t have any option and make strategies with risk, also perform well, in which you can nearby winning amount.


Fantasy cricket online is basically all about using the right tactics and strategies if you are to win BIG! Make sure you don’t overdo yourself and play fantasy cricket and win real cash. If you make hara-kiri while playing fantasy cricket, it may hamper your play as well as going forward, you might commit the same amount mistakes again and again.

Thus, it’s important to be calm and composed whilst playing fantasy cricket online.

By Manali

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