In the years prior to the pandemic, it seemed difficult for entrepreneurs to start a home-based company. Young and old entrepreneurs discovered that it was possible to start a business from home, even though millions were locked down.

According to statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau small businesses make up 99.9% of all American businesses. These businesses account for approximately 45% of the country’s economic activity. In September 2021, more 1,396,792 new business application were filed.

We are facing major labor shortages and Americans are leaving the workforce in large numbers. However, some people find it more productive and more financially sound to start their own small businesses.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers faced major obstacles in the past that prevented them from starting their businesses. Insufficient market data, high startup costs, low levels of support online, and a poor online presence are just a few of these contributing factors.

Today, the portrait of the entrepreneur is a different one. Many retirees and even some high school seniors are starting their own businesses at home. Technology and the Internet of Things are making it much easier and more affordable to do so.

Things to Consider

No matter what your business idea is, you need to think about a few things before you can make your small business the success story you have always hoped for.

Start-up Financing

Many small business owners find it difficult to secure funding. It is estimated that 20% of small businesses fail in the first year and 55% in five years.

Small business owners can start a business with starting capital of $30,000. Other small and medium-sized businesses will need between $300,000.000 to $3 million.

This is the most important aspect of all. It will help you understand your limitations and show you how you can make it work with limited resources. It’s easier to start from home, since you don’t have overheads like rent, staff, or operating costs.

Planning and Operating

Entrepreneurs will tell you that a well-written and concise business plan is key to your success.

A business plan is not only helpful for identifying potential pitfalls but also helps you to get financing and loans.

The business plan must also include a detailed outline of operations and the type of business structure. Limited Liability Company (LLC), Sole Proprietorship, taxation, licenses, and other professional business practices are all required. You should also make sure that you are set up with the right bank. We have found Chime to be a great bank for entrepreneurs such as yourself.

Customer Analysis

The internet has made market research much more efficient and easy for small businesses . There are many marketing tools that can be used to help them.

You will need to be able to understand your market and the people you want to work with before you can start a business.

You can use certain online tools to help you study your market and understand the trends, competitors, and how you can improve it.


Proper marketing and public relations are essential for any business to succeed. You can reach potential customers and clients within your locality and beyond by using various media platforms and online platforms.

Small business entrepreneurs have many options. These include innovative tools like Google Ads and sponsored content on social networks pages. It is important to remember that marketing your company through the right channels will help you grow your customer base and network.

Both the pros and cons

There are pros and cons to running your business from home, regardless of whether you are looking at starting an ecommerce business or something that requires physical labor.


  1. Startup costs are minimal as there are no staff or premises required for the first few months.
  2. Working from home gives you greater flexibility, allowing you to be more focused on your business and family.
  3. The Small Business Administration offers a wealth of resources and tools.


  1. You may need additional permits and licenses to run your business from home in certain areas or cities.
  2. You will need inventory if you have to start up costs. However, you also have to make room for it. This will mean that you will need to convert some areas of your home into storage.
  3. You might need to establish working hours for your family in order to run your business from home. This could impact your daily operations.

Five Profitable Business Ideas You Can Do From Home

To kickstart their own business, there are many small business ideas that entrepreneurs can use. This list contains the top five home-based businesses that are most lucrative for 2022.

Online Content & Communications

These freelancers will tell you how simple it is to work in your chosen field while making a living. The industry of online content, blogging and social media consulting will only grow in the next year.

Many companies are considering hiring third-party experts to handle any social media-related content. This has made marketing and PR much more accessible and simplified than having large marketing departments that need large amounts of funding.

This type of work requires virtually no startup funding. It is a requirement to have experience in the industry. However, it is great to know that these industries will only grow as more people move online.

Website Design & Graphic Design

Nearly every business has a website today, regardless of whether it is an eCommerce website or a service provider site that aids with branding messaging and marketing.

This category includes SEO services, web design, graphic design, telehealth and telecommunications.

Although there is a wide range of services to be considered, many can be combined into one domain. This makes it easier for clients and you to market the service.

It is important to remember that website design and development are a broad field. Having a niche interest will give your company the edge it needs. It is important to be specific in your niche. You can tie it into online content and communication services, as we have already discussed.

Handmade Goods & Sustainable Products

Younger and more modern generations are attracted to locally produced products. These products not only cater to a niche market but can also offer a slight advantage over big box and commercial shops.

Handmade goods can be of higher quality and more variety than any other type. Customers can also build a one-on-1 relationship with you. Selling handmade products or sustainable goods is part of a creative business, and customers are becoming more interested in these products.

Although it might seem difficult to launch sustainable products and goods, if you have an idea that is appealing, why not give it a shot? As consumers consider how their lifestyles can impact the environment, sustainability is expected to become a major trend in 2022.

Dropshipping Shop

Dropshipping is an important link in retail chains, as online shopping continues to grow.

Dropshipping allows you to have all the fun and convenience of e-commerce, without having to maintain inventory. Companies that are unable to fulfill orders online will often outsource the work of third parties.

Startup costs are minimal. However, having experience in customer management and logistics may speed up the process.

Subscription-based business

Although it is possible to start a subscription-based business from home, it will require inventory and financial capital. Subscription boxes will continue growing over the next few years.

Think small and create subscription boxes or programs that cater to a specific market. You can rent out clothing, uniforms and other online services if you have an existing eCommerce store.

You can have many subscription options. Consumers are always looking for products and services that offer more value.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to start a home-based company. Entrepreneurs should be aware of the potential pitfalls. You can increase your personal profits while working from home and combine your personal and professional lives from your home.

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